In which places will QR Codes or reminder notebooks be required on June 9?

From Wednesday, June 9, certain establishments open to the public indoors will be able to reopen. But they will be forced to ask you to report, either by a handwritten reminder book, or a QR Code to scan on your smartphone. Here is the list of establishments concerned.

QR Codes will soon be part of the daily life of French people. As of Wednesday, June 9, 2021, certain establishments that welcome the public indoors may reopen. It is a big step in French deconfinement, which the public authorities are watching with a cautious eye. During a press conference given on May 25 which Numerama attended, the Ministry of SMEs and VSEs insisted on the obligation to put in place as many safeguards as possible, because a new wave of Covid-19 disease would ” “.

This is where the new measures made compulsory by the government come into play, and which will condition the reopening of certain establishments. Since May 19, only outdoor places (such as restaurants and bars with terraces) have been open, without asking visitors to identify themselves. Places that will welcome the public or customers in closed places will not work in the same way. To have the right to enter and consume (or participate in a sporting activity), the French will have to leave a trace of their passage:

As the entire French population does not have a smartphone (77% of French people had one in 2019), each establishment must offer an alternative to the QR Code, in paper version.

Here are the establishments concerned by this obligation to report customers who wish to enter these closed places, as they are listed on the official government website.

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An indoor bar

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Establishments affected by reminder or QR Code notebooks

  • Restaurant
  • Fast food
  • Collective catering
  • Cinema restaurant, auditorium, theater, circus, marquee, tent
  • Restaurant of a party room, multipurpose room, meeting, hearing, conference
  • Restoration of a holiday village, collective inns, tourist residences, family houses, residential villages, camping and caravan sites, altitude, refuge
  • Drinking flow
  • Nightclub
  • Standing room (party rooms, multipurpose rooms, theater cafes, concert halls)
  • Conservatory, dance school
  • Pool
  • Sports Hall
  • Indoor sport (football, volleyball, badminton)
  • Hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy

It is important to remember that this is indeed an obligation imposed on the managers of the establishments concerned : they are forced to ask you to report, either in writing or by scanning the QR Code at the entrance, under penalty of not having the right to serve you.

The places concerned can, since May 25, 2021, read all the documentation to prepare these QR Codes on the official site of TousAntiCovid, and even already generate some to see how it works.

Are other establishments affected by this obligation?

Only the aforementioned establishments are affected by obligation ask customers to give their phone number (on a reminder book) or to scan their QR Code. However, this does not mean that other places cannot offer, as an option, their visitors to also use this device. This is what the Ministry of VSEs and SMEs suggested during the May 25 conference: “”, he suggested, making mention of museums, for example.

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Our interlocutor even specified that the managers of casinos would have recently “” to be considered as places being subjected to QR Code or reminder book.

In short, if museums, for example, wish to display a QR Code at the entrance, they will have the right to do so, but they cannot in any case force visitors to scan it. On the other hand, citizens who wish to do so – in order to be able to receive a notification if someone has visited the same place in the same time slot and has reported in the application – will be able to use QR Codes or notebooks. reminder.

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