Infrastructure to solve Chrome’s RAM problem created another problem

Popular internet browser Google Chrome you know, it still uses quite a lot of RAM. That would soon change. But it didn’t happen again.

software giant Microsofthad made a significant change / improvement with the May 2020 update of Windows 10 last month. New for developers with this version SegmentHeap value arrived. If this means for normal user Chrome as win32 applications are now less common than before. RAM was to use. It is said that thanks to the new infrastructure Chrome on a similar basis (Chromium) Microsoft Edge The browser’s RAM usage has decreased by 27 percent. This figure means a significant decrease, especially in heavy usage, and it was also pleasing for the state of Chrome. However, in question SegmentHeap As far as infrastructure is transferred, it increases processor usage and decreases performance. Closed by Google. The feature, which was put into the background until the performance problems are resolved, does not seem to be easily deployed in the short term. This is really sad it seems.

Other innovations for Google Chrome are on the way

Some advertisements on many websites are not technically prepared correctly. That’s why some ads can consume a lot of energy on devices and at the same time use the internet more than they should. Google announced in recent months that it will put an end to these ads. Popular browser with an update from the end of August Chrome no more excessive system/internet use ads automatically will prevent. In this way, it is said that the company, which seems to please mobile users in particular, will force those who produce advertising content to correct their content.

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