Instagram Invite Old Logo Nostalgic Users, Here’s How to Check

NESABAMEDIA.COM – Instagram 10th birthday. Yes, a social media company that initially only provided services updates photos and moments have been with users for 10 years, and no, I don’t feel old at all. As a gift to this month’s users, Instagram gives users the option to change their app icon to one of the old classic logos. Here’s how to do it on your phone or tablet app.

In a tweet on the account Twitter official, Instagram as if hinting how to check the feature.

The icon is a bit hidden in the app itself, so you’ll have to do a bit of reconnaissance to find it. To get started, you need to go to in-app settings Instagram. Once you are there, pull down as hard as you can. You’ll see a series of more and more curious emojis.

Drag or scroll down as far as the emojis are, and you’ll get some confetti and you’ll be directed to a secret menu where you’ll see all the icons you can switch from the current sherbet colored tile. You can even switch to a very vintage full Polaroid camera icon, and a pre-launch “Secret” lens icon. Apart from the classics, you can also change the icon to a different color variant of the current logo. The colors include “Pride” (rainbow, light color), “Dark” and “Light”, and “Gold”.

A user Twitter also a product designer in NYC, Patrick Kosmowski, made his quick guide video. It’s easy, right?

The text in this hidden menu says “celebrating our anniversary” in October 2020, so it’s unclear how long the color changes you’ve selected will last – at least, I assume they’ll be gone by November. Too bad, because the color choices are very attractive and the logo Instagram still very easy to spot. The old-school Polaroid style icons look really good vintage next to the modern app logo.

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Finished! Take advantage of the nostalgia feature of the old logo Instagram this while you can, because who knows when this feature will last. Good luck!

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