Instagram prepares for “9:16” photo tests

One of the most important platforms of social media Instagram, continues to experiment. This time 9:16 tests starting.

Instagram, With the effect of falling behind against TikTok, it is constantly trying new things. In this context, the new step to be tested soon will be the “9:16” photo format. The company, which presents vertical photos in 4:5, is now in 9:16 format. will test for much longer photos than now. This information comes directly from Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram. “Instagram has long videos but no long photosMosseri states that the new format will start to be tested on a certain user base in 1-2 weeks. “We need to treat photos and videos equallyMosseri, in his statement, will bring photos that completely fill large phone screens at 9:16.

Instagram has come to the fore frequently with the general dislike of the latest changes made these days. Instagram’s boss, who recently spoke as part of an interview Adam Mosser, admitting mistakes “We definitely need to take a big step back and restructure.” he said.

Especially from celebrities with high follower accounts (like Kim Kardashian) Mosseri, who could not remain indifferent to great criticism, again announced that the full-screen design was not liked and they shelved it for now. Mosseri also for a while “referral content and accountsHe also stated that they will reduce the show. For now, the company will highlight content from followed accounts, but this will definitely not be permanent. The algorithm will be developed and reused in the future. “recommendation” will focus on.

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