intel EVO, intel Core, intel Inside: new logos that make people talk

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Discovered on the database of the Justia Trademarks organization, some of the new logos filed by Intel give us some clues as to the group’s future projects.

Intel is about to dust off its logos. At least that’s what the latest findings from leaker @momomo_us on the Justia Trademarks register suggest. In addition to the aesthetic change of course they induce, these renewed logos reveal a range that has not yet been announced.

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We discover in particular that Intel would plan to change the look of the labels of its Intel Core processors. The square format and retained, but everything else is changed, starting with the Intel inscription, which comes out of its traditional circle to settle in the upper right corner of the logo. The font used by the brand has also evolved slightly to adopt an overall rounder silhouette.

But beyond these pure aesthetic considerations, the appearance of a logo ” Intel evo Powered by Core is interesting. It does not refer to any currently known range. If the speculations are likely to go well until a potential formalization, the most probable thesis supposes that it is quite simply a range created by Intel to group together its future hybrid processors.

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This is at least the opinion of our colleagues fromInpactHardware. The “Evo” range would thus include the Lakefield mobile and Alder Lake-S desktop chips, which embed Atom cores, which are very energy efficient, and classic “Core” cores, performance-challenged.

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Logos registered, but not yet official

As specified Tom’s Hardware, nothing tells us however that these new logos will be adopted by Intel in the end. Like the dozens of patents filed each year by tech giants, these logos could very well be left aside.

Note, however, that Intel is preparing to launch several ambitious new features. In addition to the Lakefield and Alder Lake-S chips, expected at the end of next year, the group should (finally) market its new low-power Tiger Lake processors in September.

The end of 2020 could also correspond to the launch of Rocket Lake processors (still engraved in 14 nm). Intel could therefore take advantage of these different releases to give a facelift to its brand image. Answer in the next few months.

Source : Tom’s Hardware

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