Interesting AR glasses work with pop-up camera from Huawei

huawei, is one of the prominent names in the wearable product market. The company is now working on interesting AR glasses with pop-up cameras. on the agenda.

huawei, Do you remember, at the launch of the P30 and P30 Pro, the sunglasses and optical glasses brand made a surprise “not real at first”. Gentle Monster developed in partnership with smart glasses had introduced. These glasses later went on sale based in China. The prepared glasses consist of a total of five different versions, and these versions are Smart East Moon 01, Smart Jack Blue 01, Smart South Side 01, Smart Alio 01 and Smart Alio C1 are given their names. Able to connect with smart phones Huawei smart glasses models also allow phone calls with built-in dual microphones and speakers. However, the firm AR glasses works on it too. At this point, the new patent received is Huawei’s with pop-up camera and interestingly this action camera rotatable It shows that he is working on a pair of glasses. This looks really interesting too. It is very important for privacy that the camera can be hidden in such products. However, the fact that the camera can rotate still seems bad for privacy. Because it is reported that this camera can be directed through a special application. In other words, it is said that it will be possible to record a place you have not looked at.

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It is unknown if Huawei AR glasses will be real

However, other companies are also working in this field. The biggest name here seems to be Apple. The company has been developing AR glasses for a really long time and it looks like it will debut in 2022.

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