Interesting signature campaign launched for the sale of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

Officially launched last week Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra A surprise signature campaign for global sales has started.

Redmi K30 Ultra introduced with Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, It is among the devices that will not be sold globally. In this context, the phone, which will not be officially sold in Turkey, has upset many users in this respect. Even a user for the global sale of the phone He has even started a petition on Aiming for 1,000 signatures for this campaign and collecting 764 signatures so far, the user started this campaign. Europe and specifically Germany specially organized. The user, on the subject of the flagship Android smartphone, brought devices with Exynos processors to Europe Samsung with new phones Google services / no services Huawei’states that they do not want to choose between their devices. Here, Xiaomi is asked to bring the new model to Germany.

How much is the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra sold abroad?

The model, you may remember, was last sold for approx. 70 thousand units It was on the agenda with the news that it was sold. The firm is here Mi 10 Ultra sale for $57.8 million had been conveyed. The starting price of the flagship smartphone, which makes the impression that it will finish its stock in a short time in its second China-based sale, is for 8 GB + 128 GB. 763 dollars located at the level. Prices are for 8GB + 256GB 806 dollars, For 12GB + 256GB 864 dollars, For 16GB + 512GB 1,007 dollars level.. You know, with the camera system behind it 120x zoom phone that can also 120W fast charge The battery powered system also makes a lot of noise and has an OLED display. 120Hz refresh rate also offers. Mi 10 Ultra As we said before, the model is directly “120” is based on the value.

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