Internet does not work after update Windows: how to avoid it

No internet connection with latest update Windows

This problem has happened to many users. New Update centre Windows arrives, they iInstall it and later you will have no internet. The installation caused a conflict for some reason, and some component does not work at the hardware level, the drivers are incompatible, or an error occurred in the system.

Internet does not work after update Windows

As we mentioned, we are facing an error that can be caused by various reasons. Everything happens after the installation of the new version of the operating system is completed, and we see that when we try to access the network through a browser, it does not work. We also have no connection when using other programs, and we even see that the network is not connected.

We check that everything is connected correctly, we see that we have not changed anything compared to before the update, but Internet does not work … This can be a serious problem as it can cause many users and even companies to stop working as expected.

While it is important to keep systems up to date, these types of issues can actually occur in some specific cases. There may be conflicts, installation failures, or we need to make changes. Let’s see what steps we can take.

How to avoid internet problems after updating

When this type of problem occurs, we can take a few important tips into account. Sometimes, after updating, similar errors may appear, which can leave us without the Internet or without the ability to use certain programs.

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Make sure the update is complete

This is something basic, but we need to make sure the update was done correctly. It is not surprising that the process stops for some reason, be it a short interruption of the Internet signal, some corrupted file, some problem with the system when trying to install some component …

Hence, we need to make sure the update is complete. To do this, we need to go to Start, enter Settings, click on Updates and security and we will see if we have the latest version installed correctly or, on the contrary, there is something unfinished and we have to finish it.

Update centre Windows

Test via Wi-Fi or cable

Are we only having problems with Wi-Fi or cable? The best way to find out is to connect the other way. Let’s say we always used a cable, but now, after installing the update Windows, Internet does not work. We can try connecting over Wi-Fi and see if it works fine. The error may only affect one of the network cards what we have installed.

Update network card drivers

Another fundamental step – to renew LAN card drivers … Installing the latest version Windows may cause the software to conflict with the drivers on our computer. It may happen that the versions are incompatible and we have to update them.

The process is very simple. We need to go to Start, open Device Manager, go to Network adapters, select the card of interest to us and right-click to click later Update driver … Later, we will have to restart the computer and check if it works well.

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Update the network card driver

See if we have a security program that interferes with

security programs are very important and we must always count on them. Having a good antivirus can save us from infiltrating many types of malware. Now when updating Windows the built-in antivirus itself can cause a conflict with another third-party tool we have, such as a firewall.

This fact can leave us without the Internet. We need to see if there was a problem with the antivirus or any security program that we installed while updating the system. We have to update them or, if necessary, pause it for a moment and see if we can connect normally.

Try the troubleshooter Windows

Another tip we can give troubleshooting your internet connection after update Windows should use a troubleshooter. It can detect and repair any malfunctions, conflicts with network components and any complications that arise.

We need to go to Start, go to Settings, go to Network & Internet and there we will see the troubleshooter option Windows… We push and it automatically starts detecting problems and diagnoses so that we can solve them.

Run the troubleshooter Windows

Reboot your router and device

This is also a basic question, but it might come in handy. There may be a DNS conflict, IP conflict, or some inability of the router to manage the Internet. The same could happen at the device level.

Therefore we must restart both the router and our equipment. Of course, in the first case, you need to restart correctly. It is not enough to just turn it off and then turn it on again; We have to leave it off for at least 30 seconds and then turn it back on for the restart to be effective. After that, we can check if the connection is working properly.

Reset network

Another option we can consider is to rebuild the network. This will uninstall and reinstall all network adapters. You can fix conflicts caused by the latest update Windows, and therefore problems with the Internet.

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We need to go to Start, we go to Settings, Network and Internet and there we click on Network reset … You must continue with the process and then restart your computer for the changes to take effect correctly.

Reset network

In short, if after updating Windows The internet is not working, we can follow the steps we mentioned. This will make the connection work fine again and avoid problems.

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