Ion Fury Cheats – Console Commands

We show you and explain all the console commands and Ion Fury tricks, both those that are activated from the game options, and those that are activated from the command console.

Tricks Ion Fury – How are they activated?

There are two ways, from the game options, or also from the console:

1- Game Options: Follow the path Initial screen> Options> Cheats> Enable Cheat Code, and enter the code

2- Console: Press Shift + «º» or “~” (it is the key to the left of the «1» on the keyboard), type cl_cheatmask -1, and press Enter

We recommend that you use the console, as you will see below, there are more cheats available:

Ion Fury cheats – Full list

Tricks from the game options

  • Solve the loneliness – IMLONELY
  • God mode – IMGOD
  • Fly – IMLIFTED
  • Get all weapons, ammo and keys – IMAFK
  • Be invincible and get all weapons, ammunition and keys – IMAFK
  • View map – IMLOST
  • Cross walls – IMFREE
  • Pause AI – IMMOBILE
  • Feel the Payne – IMLIKEMAX
  • Breaking the Map – IMDUMB
  • Debug data dump – IMREALBUILDER

Console Commands

These are the same ones that you can get from the game options, but with console commands

  • Solve the loneliness – cl_cheatmask 1
  • God mode – cl_cheatmask 2
  • Fly – cl_cheatmask 128
  • Get all weapons, ammo and keys – cl_cheatmask 4
  • View map – cl_cheatmask 512
  • Cross walls – cl_cheatmask 2048
  • Pause AI – cl_cheatmask 16384
  • Feel the Payne – cl_cheatmask 131072
  • Break the map – cl_cheatmask 262144
  • Debug data dump – cl_cheatmask 1048576
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These are exclusive to the console, so we recommend using the console

  • All cheats at the same time: cl_cheatmask 1460871 (this is especially useful)
  • Solve Solitude + God Mode + Get all weapons, ammo and keys: cl_cheatmask 7
  • Fly + See the whole map: cl_cheatmask 1460871
  • Remove all Cheats: cl_cheatmask 0

Video guide

In case you want to see how the tricks are used, we leave you a video of the MegaDev Official YouTube:

We hope you enjoy the cheats or tricks, if you discover any new, do not forget to let us know in the comments so that we include it!

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