iOS 13.4.5 tells us about the iPhone 9 with Touch ID, CarKey and Express Transit mode

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The first beta of the next update provides some information on the next developments from Apple. The iPhone could soon open and start your car even if the smartphone is running out of battery.

Apple has just distributed the first test version of iOS 13.4.5 and several developers have gone to dig into the code in search of clues about the future of the Californian manufacturer’s products.

CarKey turns the iPhone into a car key

Several lines mention the CarKey API, an interface that will allow car manufacturers who wish to authorize the iPhone to lock and unlock the vehicle, but also to start it.

We have known for several weeks that the system will be compatible with iPhones equipped with a FaceID facial recognition sensor, but also those equipped with TouchID as this beta now indicates.

It will also be based on Express Transit technology, which allows users to use their phone to validate their metro or bus subscription, even if it is empty. It will only work on iPhone XR, XS and 11, pending future generations.

If Apple leaves some indications about CarKey lying around now, it will probably be necessary to wait for iOS 14 to benefit from it. The presentation of the operating system in early June at WWDC 2020 should allow Apple to further explain its technology and facilitate its integration by car manufacturers.

Project xCloud, which will come to Android, will not come to iOS?

The iPhone 9 shows up again but is still waiting

Last indication, which is only an additional confirmation: yes, Apple will release an iPhone 9 in the coming weeks. Indeed, no iPhone integrating TouchID can benefit from CarKey and Express Transit, if not this possible entry-level iPhone which is slow to show the tip of its nose.

As a reminder, it should take over the design of the iPhone 8 with a technical sheet inflated with steroids, including the addition of an A13 processor and a more advanced photo sensor providing night mode. Two models could be presented, one with a 4.7-inch screen and a 5.5-inch iPhone 9 Plus.

Source: 9to5mac

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