iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 Beta 8 Now Available for Download

New beta for developers

In truth, we are faced with something completely unheard of. Apple expands the beta testing process for iOS and iPadOS in version 14.5, as well as for other operating systems. Right now we are in the eighth beta and each time we ask for more about the RC version coming up, that is, from the previous to the final version for all users. For now, this new developer beta is only intended to improve the news. This is progress, so there are almost no bugs in the final version with the most anticipated new features that this new version might have.

iOS 14 5 beta 8

What’s new in iOS 14.5

As we mentioned earlier, there was no big news in this eighth beta of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. This is mainly because they are already in a fairly advanced beta and they are working intensively to fix all the bugs presented. Although the beta version can still be somewhat unstable, as it is not the final version per se, so its installation cannot be recommended to anyone and you just have to wait for the final version for all users.

Of course, the arrival of this new version of iOS 14 is quite expected, given all the news that will be included in it. One of them without a doubt is the ability to unlock the iPhone with the mask you wear with Applewatch since it should also be in beta. Added to this are some redesigns of native apps like Podcasts. In addition, compatibility with the new controls of the recently introduced PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series also needs to be highlighted. That way you can get more performance with your device when you’re in the middle of the street so you don’t have to unlock your device without having to remove your mask or enter or unlock. the code.

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MacOS 11.3 beta 8 is also available

Along with this new beta, you can also find macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta 8, which does not include any notable news. One can only highlight, as we mentioned earlier, the fix for various related bugs that were introduced in previous versions. The truth is that macOS Big Sur is not a system that prevails for its stability and is therefore appreciated that it continues to work on this aspect.

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