iOS 8 and the 5 hidden features for iPhone and iPad

Apple I include hidden features to get more out of iOS 8, find out

Since Apple officially launched iOS 8 last September, some new features have been discovered that have been added and that the Cupertino boys have not mentioned so far nor did it during the keynote at the WWDC in June. Do not miss some of the best hidden features added to iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad.

iOS 8 and the 5 hidden features for iPhone and iPad 5

It is very likely that despite having installed on the iPhone and iPad, from the first availability, the new version of iOS 8, which you have not yet used or even have not heard of some of the best features that are hidden. And is that Apple has hidden a few new and interesting features in its new version of the mobile operating system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, iOS 8, for this reason we tell you what they are, how to find them and what they are for.

Dark Mode

If you are one of those users who wants to turn their iPhone or iPad into a monochrome device, you can use the dark mode by activating the gray scale on your device, for this you simply have to:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select General
  • Enter Accessibility.
  • Activate the Grayscale option.

In this way everything, from the main screen, photos and even text messages will be displayed in black and white. This is a new feature, apart from the Invert colors mode which is on the same list and is not new. Although it is a feature that Apple added for users with some type of disability, obviously it is a feature that can be very useful for any user, in addition iOS also looks great in grayscale.

Hide Photos

Now, With iOS 8, users can hide photos taken with the iPhone and iPad without removing them. For this we simply have to click on the photo that we want to hide through the Photos application, this way we will see an option to hide the photo. By selecting this option we will be able to hide the photo in the Moments, Collections and Years visualizations, however if we can see them through the Hidden album.

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Silence Messages individually

Thanks to iOS 8, the new version of the mobile operating system of Apple For iPhone and iPad, users have the ability to Silence the alerts of the iMessages and SMS individually for each of our contacts. For this we will simply have to activate the Do not disturb function through the Details of the conversation that we have open with the users we wish to silence.

In this way we do not hide the messages from the home screen, but at least we can receive messages from a specific person without them interrupting us.

iOS 8 and the 5 hidden features for iPhone and iPad 6

iOS 8 and the 5 hidden features for iPhone and iPad 7

Mail, creation and editing in multitasking

If you find yourself in the middle of writing an email and you have to return to an available message in the inbox to read it, we now have an option through which, after holding down the top of the message and dragging it towards below, this message will remain at the bottom of the screen so we can retrieve it whenever we want. It is also possible to do this with several drafts at once.

To retrieve the conversation we simply have to double click on the project or minimized projects at the bottom of the screen.

Advanced Message Controls

In the new iOS 8 now in Messages we can do more things than just send and receive messages. In addition to being able to delete them one by one, it is also possible to select a text message by long pressing on it, select the More option from the list and from there we will be able to send the selected message to another person without having to use the copy and paste method.

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Did you already know these hidden features of iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad? Which are your favorites?

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