iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro: first impressions

The first thing that catches the attention of iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro, – especially the Pro – are the lenses of the cameras. The module is large, square, round corners, the color of the rest of the device.

In fact almost everything that has to do with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro is about cameras. As every year, I was in Cupertino, within Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in the keynote where the new devices were presented, and I had the opportunity to test them briefly in the demo area after the presentation and these are my first impressions.

If he iPhone X it was about a new design with corner to corner screen, the iPhone XS it was about step on the accelerator and include extremely faster interns thanks to that legendary microprocessor A12, he iPhone 11 Y 11 Pro They are about cameras: the future of photography on mobile devices. Or maybe we should say: the future of computer photography.

Unlike iPhone XR, he iPhone 11 – his successor – has a camera with two lenses, one of which is a wide angle very welcome. Not only does it allow great photos of landscapes and situations where more context is better, but it significantly improves the possibilities of portrait mode.

The iPhone 11 Pro, successor of iPhone XS, and its three lens camera is a sample of Apple throwing the house out the window and offering a wide angle, an ultra wide angle, a wide angle and a telephoto:

Camera Millimeters Aperture Optical stabilization
Ultra wide angle 13 mm ƒ / 2.4 NO
Wide angle 26 mm ƒ / 1.8 Yes
Telephoto 52 mm ƒ / 2 Yes
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Future devices, in addition to iPhone 11 Y 11 Pro, they will have increasingly large and sophisticated cameras, which is what we have asked as consumers for years. We cannot claim, at the same time, that they are discreet.

Another of the great announcements in relation to the camera of the new phones of Apple It is the night mode. It turns on and off automatically, like the HDR and the exposure time varies depending on the available light and the situation in which the photo is taken. In the demo zone it was impossible to try the night mode – for obvious reasons – but once we publish our review of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, we will address it thoroughly.

As for video recording, it is able to do it in:

  • 4K at 24, 30 and 60 f / s
  • 1080p HD at 30 or 60 f / s
  • 720p HD at 30 f / s
  • Slow motion in 1080p at 120 or 240 f / s
  • The slow motion of the front camera is at 1080p at 120 f / s

Deep fusion

Details about deep fusion, a new technology that will bring together 9 photos —4 before pressing the shutter button added to 4 secondary images and 1 when pressed, are scarce. It will arrive in late fall and will be available for both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Schiller described the process as “crazy science” and says it because the phone’s neural engine analyzes the 24 million pixels of each of the photos, one by one, in a total time of 1 second.

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It would be the first time we see a photo generated entirely by a neural motor. In the keynote A picture of a man with a green sweater and an enormous level of detail in texture, fabric and his beard was seen. It is a kind of photographic ultrarealism which we will know more in a few weeks.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro: first impressions 4

Photo: Eduardo Arcos


Another thing that will attract attention, like me in the product demo area after the keynote, is the first time the iPhone 11 Pro is held in the hand. It is a combination of stainless steel and glass with a very different texture to the iPhone XS, it also looks different: it is textured matte.

It is also surprising that, both in the iPhone 11 as in the iPhone 11 Pro, the chamber area is polished from the same piece of glass as the rest of the back area of ​​the device. It is an insignificant detail for many but a testament to the level of detail at which Apple It is able to arrive at the time of manufacturing its hardware.

Technical detailes

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro: first impressions 5

Photo: Eduardo Arcos

Some technical details mentioned during the keynote and detected during the device test in the demo zone after the event:

  • The Bionic A13 Chip is approximately 20% faster than its predecessor
  • All new models support Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax
  • Face ID is 30% faster and supports “more angles” although we had no chance to try it. We will do it in the in-depth analysis
  • Dolby Atmos supports although in the demonstration area it was impossible to appreciate it being a space full of people and noise.
  • Fast charging allows up to 50% of its capacity in just 30 minutes. The iPhone 11 also supports it, although the 18 W charger is only included with the iPhone 11 Pro.
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In short, these are some of the most significant differences between the iPhone 11 Y iPhone 11 Pro

  1. Device size
  2. Pantall OLED (iPhone 11 Pro) vs LCD (iPhone 11)
  3. 3 cameras (iPhone 11 Pro) vs 2 cameras (iPhone 11)
  4. The 4G of the 11 Pro is a little faster
  5. The 11 Pro has up to 20 hours of battery life, the iPhone 11 up to 17 hours
  6. The water resistance of the iPhone 11 Pro is up to 4 meters for 30 minutes while the iPhone 11 is 2 meters for 30 minutes.

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