iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 Pro camera comparison [İzle]

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro For the models, content from abroad continues. This time we have an important camera comparison.

iPhone 12 in his family 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max models are included. Here are the first reviews of these models, especially 12 and 12 Pro. Here is the latest video MrwhosethebossIt comes from. In this video, the cameras of the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 Pro models are brought face to face at the same angles. What about the result? Although there is not a huge difference, the 12 and 12 Pro produce better / balanced exposure and sharper photos. The iPhone 12s, whose artificial intelligence systems have been seriously developed with the power of A14 Bionic, raises the bar in the camera department in this respect. iPhone 12s can take better photos on the front as well as the back. However, there is no big difference between them. The phones, whose night shots do not increase excessively compared to the iPhone 11 family, still give cleaner photos.

In addition, while the iPhone 11s cannot, the iPhone 12s offers ultra-wide-angle night mode. The main difference shows itself here. At the same time, on the front cameras, the iPhone 12s takes the lead in low light with night mode. Stating that the 12 Pro focuses a little better in low light with LiDAR, as Apple said. Mrwhosetheboss channel states that he still does not see much difference. The difference between the iPhone 11s and the iPhone 12s is often not visible (on the photo side as well as the video side) when looked very carefully. iPhone 12 Pro Max model has better cameras than others. However, its tests are not yet out.

Prices of Honor 30 Pro + Model Revealed

If we remember the overseas sales prices of the iPhone 12 family

According to the official statement from Apple, the starting price of the new phones 12 Mini (64 GB) 699 dollars level. Starting price for 12 (64GB) 799 dollars level. Starter for 12 Pro (128GB) 999 dollarsfor the 12 Pro Max 128GB from $1,099 starting.

If the leaks are correct 12 Mini for persons in Turkey 10 thousand TLHe needs to review . Again, according to leaks, the starting price of the iPhone 12 is 11 thousand TL Seems to be level. Getting Started for 12 Pro 15 thousand TLthe start for the 12 Pro Max is just right 17 thousand TL located at the level. At the top is the price 20 thousand TL’finds it. However, what we have always said is still not finalized.

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