iPhone 13 not unlocking with your Apple Watch? Apple is working on a corrective patch

iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 mini test © © Pierre Crochart for Clubic

It’s official, theiPhone 13 would cause concern regarding the function ” Unlock with Apple Watch “.

Apple is working on a fix, but advises users for the time being… to disable the feature.

iPhone 13 and Apple Watch not (yet) in phase

For the past few days, many high-tech enthusiasts have been able to take advantage of their brand new iPhone 13. ‘use the function’ Unlock with Apple Watch “.

Indeed, available for a few months, the latter makes it easy to unlock an iPhone with the help of its connected watch. A way to circumvent the concerns related to wearing a mask, which does not facilitate the business of the Face ID facial recognition device. However, this very useful function is a concern with the iPhone 13, and many are those who can no longer take advantage of it…

Apple Watch unlocking-4 © © Nathan Le Gohlisse for Clubic

Apple explains:

We have identified an issue where unlocking with Apple Watch may not work with iPhone 13 devices. wearing a mask, or you can’t set up unlock with Apple Watch.
This issue will be fixed in a future software update.

Enough to frustrate more than one purchaser of the new Apple iPhone, therefore… In the meantime, the American giant advises the users concerned to deactivate the said function, and to use a good old-fashioned password to unlock their iPhone 13.

Source : Forbes

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