iPhone 13 Pro has 55% more powerful GPU than iPhone 12 Pro

Who researched the technical specifications of the new smartphones gives Apple, released on Tuesday (14), you already know that, although they are all powered by the A15 chip, they have some differences as to their cores. iPhone 13 and 13 mini feature four-core GPUs, while the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models, as well as the new iPad mini, are equipped with five-core processors.

A test published in Geekbench brought more details about the chip’s power in the iPhone 13 Pro, allowing to compare the performance with its predecessor, which fell out of line.

To test the five-core A15, considered by Apple as “the fastest smartphone chip in the world”, those responsible for the benchmark used a prototype of the iPhone 13 Pro, as the devices are not yet available. Using its own Metal API programming interface Apple, the result was 14,216, a score 55% higher than the 9,123 obtained by the iPhone 12 Pro last year.

As the models are not officially available yet, there may be differences in performance in the version launched on the market — the new cell phones are already on pre-sale abroad, but there is no forecast for their arrival in Brazil.

However, the Apple ensures that the A15’s five-core GPU delivers “50% faster graphics performance than any other smartphone chip”. The test released today (16) showed that this is true, at least in relation to the A14 Bionic with a four-core processor that powers the current iPhone 12 Pro. Both models have 6 GB RAM memory.

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