iPhone 14 Concept with 90 Degree Rotating Screen

While the concept studies on the iPhone 12, which is expected to be introduced next fall, continue to come, a new concept design that we never expected has appeared. The iPhone concept, presented by a designer designer named Michale Mulela, goes far beyond expectations.

Many fans of Apple products have begun to wonder what the iPhone 12 will be like. More futuristic approaches have begun to wonder what the iPhone 13 will offer. Still, it would not be wrong to say that almost no one is wondering how the iPhone 14 will be.

The designer named Michael Muleba got ahead of all of us. iPhone 14 has already started to offer concept ideas about it. In this context, Muleba has created a very interesting iPhone 14 concept design. Muleba’s concept design has a screen that can rotate 90 degrees.

The last period of standard mobile phones, which were used before smartphones, allowed us to encounter interesting design examples. can be rotated to the screen Phones with mobile phones were also among the phone designs that appeared for the first time at that time.

Michael Muleba seems to have successfully applied the rotatable screen design to iPhones. Muleba’s concept design iPhone 14 also has a touch keyboard under the screen that can be rotated 90 degrees, and hidden front camera Emerges.

The upper home screen, which can be rotated 90 degrees to make it horizontal, can make it easier for users to write text. The rotatable screen can also offer an interesting use for the gaming experience. In addition, since the front camera is not on the screen in this design, we finally get rid of the notches completely.

Sad screen detail from Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Muleba’s iPhone 14 concept design offers an interesting design for those who are bored with standard smartphones. However, we do not expect that Apple, which is distant even to foldable screen phones, would prefer such a difficult design.

Images of Michael Muleba’s concept iPhone 14:

Source : https://www.concept-phones.com/apple/iphone-14-gets-a-rotating-screen-in-this-new-set-of-concept-designs/comment-page-1/

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