iPhone 8 rumors and leaks suggest Apple have BIG plans for the next phone …

APPLE seems to have BIG plans for the next iPhone, according to the latest iGossip.

This tech giant is rumored to be tripling its production, proving that it expects huge demand for new smartphones.


The iPhone celebrates its tenth birthday in January 2017, but the birthday model won’t launch until later in Yaer

The next model is expected to be a big change from the old iPhone, because it was released to mark the iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

In a short note, analyst firm BlueFin Research wrote: “The buildings have been retired in a few months, while the next-generation estimated aggregate has increased 10% from last month to 122 million.

“Interestingly, our reading now shows a 300% increase as the iPhone 8 / X was built in the June quarter, now sitting at 9 million.”

Apple it is rumored that he plans to call the next smartphone the iPhone X in a huge leap from the usual naming tradition.

Until now, each new iPhone has received a name that is quite logical. Apple don’t look weird after some model numbers.

 This year's iPhone will launch massively


This year’s iPhone will launch massively Credit: EPA

What is the name All iPhone models and release dates

iPhone – 2007

iPhone 3G – 2008

iPhone 3GS – 2009

iPhone 4 – 2010

iPhone 4S 2011

iPhone 5 – 2012

iPhone 5C – 2013

iPhone 5S – 2013

iPhone 6 – 2014

iPhone 6 Plus – 2014

iPhone 6S – 2015

iPhone 6S Plus – 2015

iPhone SE – 2016

iPhone 7 – 2016

iPhone 7 Plus – 2016

But a new piece of iGossip has suggested that the fruit company will step out of tradition on behalf of the new iPhone to mark the fact that Steve Jobs announced the first Apple smartphone 10 years ago.

In a brief note seen by Tech Radar, analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company said that his supply chain sources had predicted a name change for the new cell phone.

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“That name makes sense, while also highlighting the high status of the cell phone and signaling that it is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, with X of course being a Roman number for 10,” the website wrote.

He also said that the iPhone would display wireless charging and a sophisticated display, both of which were rumors we’ve heard before.

Even if Apple We have not confirmed, nor will I, any design decision until the iPhone is released later this year, industry experts believe it is possible to name the next model ‘X’.

At Forbes, tech expert Ewan Spence wrote: “Although the world expects an iPhone 8 it will be announced along with an update on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus phone. Apple you may be ready to drop ‘8’ off the mark and go with something straight from the 1950s science fiction capers.”

However, many technology gatherers believe Apple He plans to call iPhone a bit to “reset” the brand.

Spence added: “My feeling is that the iPhone ‘X’ is a code name and no decision has been made (or if it has been grouped in such a way that only a handful of marketing personnel know the real name). I think the answer is simple: just call it ‘iPhone. ‘”

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