iPhone: Battery drain is fixed, but there was no problem…but it’s fixed

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Apple is rolling out a new minor update for iOS.

A new version which notably corrects a battery “problem” which was nevertheless “normal” a few days ago. Explanations.

iPhone: “normal” battery drain was not “normal”…

A few weeks ago, Apple rolled out the brand new iOS 15.4. This update brought its share of fixes and new features, but also tended to drain the battery of some iPhones. If Apple has never recognized the concern, the firm explained the “normal” side of this phenomenon, with an iPhone which carried out various tasks in the background following the update.

It is therefore a phenomenon announced as normal and temporary, the time that the iPhone manages to carry out various calibrations. ” It’s normal for your apps and features to need adjusting up to 48 hours after an update “Explained Apple support.

However, the list of fixes for the recent iOS 15.4.1 update mentions a ” battery that may drain faster than expected after updating to iOS 15.4 “. What confirms that the excessive discharge of the battery after a passage to iOS 15.4 was not really “normal”, in reality. Still, the malfunction has now been repaired, and that is the main thing.

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