iPhone: replace battery only in official centers

Apple He will decide for safety reasons and the guarantees can only offer quality products. It seems like the next time you change Battery it’s yours iPhone (XS, XS Max and XR) You may have more than a few problems if you do not do it at an authorized service center.

iPhone: original battery only

The Cupertino giant has explained that it is essential Verify the originality of the spare parts. Used to improve the product. This cannot be verified at an unofficial repair center, so in case of doubt the repair will no longer be recognized. This means that if the battery is not replaced at the official center, the terminal returns a Error message and prevents you from checking the battery status from setup.

Let me explain, it is still possible recharges the battery and use a smartphone, but the error messages will always be there. To make this situation possible, Apple has adopted a microcontrollers the owner, mounted on a battery, which communicates the same data. Obviously, the only one to remove the battery with this controller is an authorized service center.

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