iPhone SE 2023 May Eliminate Face ID and Design Overhaul

NESABAMEDIA.COM – Since the iPhone X debuted with a boat-shaped notch that hides the hardware of Face ID technology, Apple not move away from such a design. The only exception to the trend is the iPhone SE lineup that is faithful to the older design trend that features thick bezels. However earlier this month, it was rumored that Apple is experimenting with hole-punch designs for a number of iPhones due for release in 2022.

DisplaySearch and DSCC analyst Ross Young predicts that the iPhone SE 2023 will get a refresh with a larger screen, with an aesthetically pleasing hole-punch implementation.

“Leak from LCD Apple iPhone, it is stated that the LCD of the next iPhone SE device will still be 4.7 inches for 2022. Some rumors circulating may be implemented with 5G technology with Sub-6 GHz as well. There are also rumors of a 6.1 version in 2023 with the use of a hole-punch instead of a notch.

For notch use, will Apple put it in the center or put it in the corner?” tweet Ross on account Twitter-his.

For comparison, the iPhone SE produced in 2020 appeared with a refresh by using a 4.7-inch screen and thin bezels and the same design as the iPhone 6. For the iPhone SE which will be released in 2022, Ross predicts that the smartphone will use a screen. measuring 4.7 inches which may also use the old design.

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Using this hole-punch design makes a lot of sense, assuming Ross’ predictions will come true. With the hole-punch, it means that there will be no use of the notch, including the Face ID hardware. It can be concluded that Apple would probably make the device a bit cheaper due to the absence of the Face ID system. Possibility Apple will use Touch ID technology under the screen, as previously mentioned in the roadmap Apple.

There are also rumors that the iPhone SE Plus will come with a screen measuring more than 6 inches, but it will not be released this year.

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