iPhones with Fortnite installed sell for thousands of dollars on eBay

Fortnite Epic Games

War is declared between Epic Games and Apple, which removed more
early in the month
Fortnitefrom the App Store. And some know how to take advantage of it, by selling at exorbitant prices iPhone on which the famous battle royale is already installed.

Indeed, although Fortnite no longer downloadable on iPhone, Apple did not directly remove the game from its mobiles. Those who had installed the game before this decision can therefore still enjoy it… or resell their iPhone for $10,000 on Ebay.

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$10,000 for an iPhone X

A quick search for “iPhone Fortnite” on the online retail site shows hundreds of Apple mobiles at abnormally high prices, even reaching up to $10,000 for an iPhone X. Most of the smartphones sold, however, are worth between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. There are even some Android smartphones listed with an installation of fortnite.

Sure, Fortnite is a free-to-play game available on Android consoles and smartphones. However, the opposition between Apple and Epic Games does not seem ready to stop. Latest episode to date, this week: a new press release from Apple recalling its rules of use and refusing to grant privileges.

Source : Apple Insider

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