IPod Concept 2021: New Player Design Apple

Price will be key again

We are not going to deny that price is always the determining factor for a future product. And although speaking of Appleit seems that it always makes expensive products and is still successful, the truth is that it is a factor to take into account and much more when it comes to a device that has become obsolete on many levels since the arrival of the iPhone. The iPod won out in the early 2000s, but today we all carry music on our smartphones.

IPod Concept 2021

The current iPod touch Apple Store costs from 239 euros. Yes, it is true that the difference with the cheapest iPhone is 250 euros, but it may even be small when several factors are taken into account. The reason for selling the device is to enjoy music, but with a full iOS experience. However, this device will be obsolete before the iPhone goes on sale and is limited by the inability to add a SIM card or has a size and function that no longer resembles modern smartphones.

The dynamics of society in terms of listening to their music has changed a lot, and having to carry around another device to do this is something tiresome for many. Due to the current trend, there is a greater chance that the iPod will die forever and remain one of the most revolutionary products ever. Applebut if they decide to resurrect it again, they should do a good job of researching the price so that it doesn’t look like a product. more made for nostalgic people.

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Apple Watch is this a modern iPod?

A few years ago there were straps that made it possible to carry the iPod on the wrist, and now we already have a device with its own operating system already installed on the wrist. Even on an aesthetic level, it can somewhat resemble an iPod nano without buttons. In watchOS, we can listen to music, podcasts and even make and receive calls … It’s an iPod! And that also doesn’t mean carrying another accessory in your pocket, but it is always with us and has many other outstanding features for training or measuring health.

Apple Music and Apple Watch

Design that will make the iPod triumphant

The web is full of great work by creative people. Some designers, like Tech Blood, have posted on their channels over the months YouTube several concepts that will make the iPod reborn in terms of aesthetics. These videos are not from Apple and not even based on actual rumors, but they help us see some of the many options the company could take if it decided to relaunch the iPod to replace the current model.

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