Is Sony losing out on PlayStation 5 sales?

Sony, once again today PlayStation is on the agenda with focused news. This time in the center PlayStation 5 exists.

Sony 10 million units so far last week PlayStation 5 announced that it was sold, and today this figure is 10.1 million level had been reached.

On top of that, another information about PS5 has emerged. First, let’s answer the question in the title. So far yes. Game consoles are not cheap devices to produce. For years, companies have been selling consoles at a loss in order to keep the sales price low, especially when the consoles first came out. So why does a company sell at a loss?

The answer is very easy. Sony and Microsoft make the main money/revenue from sales of games and services. A person buys only one console and then starts paying for hundreds of different games and other services. Sony has a stake in all of them.

At the same time, since the online game systems on the consoles are paid, the companies make the main money. gains from digital infrastructure. But after a while, the hardware starts to become profitable.

Mass production makes the difference and the situation is normal now PS5 It also applies to. Reportedly, Sony is now out of the $499 disc drive version of the PS5. it doesn’t hurt. The $300 digital version is still causing minor damage.

It is reported that Sony has suffered losses from PS3 for a very long time, and for PS4, the pointer reversed in 6 months. PS5 could not reach this level as quickly as PS4 due to its powerful hardware and global chip crisis, but still there is not an extreme difference.

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Of course, this looks good for Sony. The firm will now generate revenue from both hardware and digital sales. Microsoft as far as we know Xbox Series X and Series SA certain amount is still incurring a loss.

However, Microsoft has a large source of additional income, such as Game Pass, and these, along with other game sales, do not cause excessive losses to the company.

PlayStation 5 Other numbers that came in focus were:

According to the information received today, Sony’s total PS4 sales are It has reached 116.5 million units. According to the latest statement, 71 percent of game sales have shifted to digital, and Sony has increased the number of PSN Plus members to 46.3 million. In addition, the number of monthly active users of PlayStation Network has seen 104 million.

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