It came with iOS 16 to bring high security: “What is Lock Mode and how to turn it on?”

tech giant applemade available for supported models last night. on the iOS 16 operating system brought new possibilities.

WWDC22 the most important announcement of the event, here we place iOS 16 operating system, It became available for download last night for all supported iPhone models, which you can see at the bottom of the page. This remarkable operating system is a previously announced “Lock Mode” it comes with. So what is this? For the highly security focused feature, Apple transmitting: “Lock Mode, It is an optional, off-the-shelf protection designed for the few who may be the target of some of the most sophisticated digital threats because of their position or job.

Most people are never the target of such attacks. Your device will not work as it normally does when Lock Mode is enabled. To reduce the attack surface that specifically targeted rental spyware can exploit, certain apps, websites and features are strictly limited for security reasons and some experiences may not be available at all.”

So how does Lock Mode protect your device? Here is Apple’s detailed answer to this: “When Lock Mode is enabled, some apps and features work differently, including:

  • Messages: Most message attachment types are blocked, except for certain images, videos, and sounds. Some features are not available, such as links and link previews.
  • Web browsing: Some complex web technologies are blocked. This can cause some websites to load slower or not work properly. Also, web fonts may not be displayed and no images may be displayed instead of images.
  • FaceTime: FaceTime calls from people you haven’t called before are blocked.
  • Apple Services: Invites for Apple Services, such as invitations to manage a home in the Home app, are blocked if you haven’t already invited that person.
  • Shared albums: Shared albums are removed from the Photos app and new Shared Album invitations are blocked. You can view these shared albums on other devices with Lock Mode disabled.
  • USB accessories: To connect your device to a USB accessory or another computer, your device must be unlocked.
  • Configuration profiles: Configuration profiles cannot be loaded and the device cannot be registered in Mobile Device Management or device control while Lock Mode is active.

Phone calls and plain text messages will still work when Lock Mode is active. This mode does not affect emergency features such as emergency SOS calls. “

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So how is Lock Mode unlocked on iPhone models with iOS 16? Here is Apple’s response to this:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on the Privacy & Security option.
  3. In the Security section, tap Lockdown Mode, then tap Turn On Lockdown Mode.
  4. Tap Turn On Lockdown Mode.
  5. Tap Turn On & Restart, then enter your device passcode.

With Lock Mode enabled, you can be notified when an app or feature is restricted, and a banner in Safari indicates Lock Mode is on.

iOS 16 operating system Sent for free to many iPhone models. These models are:

  • -iPhone 13
  • -iPhone 13 mini
  • -iPhone 13 Pro
  • -iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • -iPhone 12
  • -iPhone 12 mini
  • -iPhone 12 Pro
  • -iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • -iPhone 11
  • -iPhone 11 Pro
  • -iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • -iPhone XS
  • -iPhone XS Max
  • -iPhone XR
  • -iPhone X
  • -iPhone 8
  • -iPhone 8 Plus
  • -iPhone SE (2nd generation or newer)

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