It can “float” on a strand of hair; world’s smallest boat

3D printing and 3D printing technologies are quite advanced. Now, pushing the boundaries in the field smallest boat in the world place in front of us taking.

Researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands recently carried out an important study. The university’s physicists developed a special 3D printing technique (2PP or Two-Photon Polymerization) produced using smallest boat in the world sounded with. This boat is 30 microns long it is reported. Of course, 30 microns doesn’t make much sense at first glance to a non-physicist. However, it is reported that this boat is small enough to stand / swim on a human hair, and specifically, it is one-third smaller than the thickness of a human hair and about six times larger than a bacterial cell. As you can imagine, the boat, which is a reduced version of the 3D printer test object, which is very detailed and known as Benchy, has an important purpose as you can imagine.

The smallest boat in the world and more will be a research platform for scientists

As reported, scientists will use this special study to try to understand how living things such as bacteria or sperm, referred to as “microswimmers” or “microswimmers,” move on liquid. Behind the selection of the boat for the first time in the process, there is some “fun”. Researchers state that they have prepared other forms that are more logical in the established infrastructure. Here, down to the micro level of 5, the researchers conduct really interesting experiments.

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