It is Amazon Notify you when someone buys from your wish list?

Buying gifts for friends and family is always fun, especially when it’s surprising. Amazon allows you to buy items and send them to your friend’s house without them knowing. However, the item you purchased will appear in the recipient’s notification. If you wish, you can disable the feature and keep your gift a secret until it finally reaches the right address. Stay with us and we will explain how things work.

Send a gift

When you do Amazon account, you must enter your address and other details. Each item you purchase will be shipped to the address you specified during the registration process, unless you choose otherwise. When buying products as a gift, Amazon allows you to enter a different shipping address and recipient name. You can also add notes to your best wishes and choose packaging, so that the item is sent as a real gift. This is how you send gifts Amazon:

  1. Select “This is a gift” before purchasing an item.
  2. Add items to your basket.
  3. Select “Continue with payment”.
  4. Enter the address to send the gift. You can do it from your address book or manually.
  5. Press “Send to this address”.
  6. Select the packaging you want by checking the box that says “Wrap this gift.” Article inside Amazon However, the Global Store does not come with these options.
  7. Select “Continue”. And the item will be shipped to the address you entered.
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Amazon The item will take a few days to purchase as a gift. It gives you time to change your notes. If the item has not entered the shipping process, open your account and search for the order for which you want to change the details.

Other options for sending gifts

Since you can send gifts with private messages, you can also surprise him. You can choose to hide the price on the delivery note. If you want to wrap the gift, the delivery note will be packed in an envelope with the name “Don’t spoil the surprise”. Only the recipient’s name and address will remain outside the package.

It is Amazon Notify you when someone buys from your wish list? two

It is Amazon Notify you when someone buys from your wish list? 2

Some items cannot be wrapped due to their size, shape, or weight. If that is the case, they will be shipped in the original packaging. Amazon It will tell you before buying it. However, if you wish to remain confidential, the recipient will not be notified. The good thing is that Amazon It will notify you if the person who wishes to receive a gift has purchased an item through their profile. That way, they won’t buy anything they already have, which is a nice touch.

Shock Spoiler Settings

Typically, the person receiving the gift will be notified when they enter their name and address in the recipient field, which could be a problem if you want to keep that secret and get the wow factor.

By selecting “Don’t Ruin My Surprise” from the Settings menu, your purchase will be kept confidential for weeks. The items you buy will be displayed as “Not Purchased” in your item list. If you try to buy again, Amazon will warn you about duplicate articles. Here is what you should do to keep your purchase confidential:

  1. Go to “Your list”.
  2. Find the list for which you want to change the filter.
  3. Scroll over the three dots icon and select “Manage list”.
  4. Uncheck “Save purchased items to your list” if you want to make sure that no one knows that you are buying a gift.
  5. Select “Don’t ruin my surprise” if you don’t want the recipient to receive gift notifications.
  6. Select “Save changes”.
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Amazon cautions that you must remain connected to your account if you want this filter to be used. Otherwise, the recipient can be notified and their surprise will be spoiled.

Surprise your friends with the best gift of Amazon

Than Amazon Online stores have something for everyone. You will definitely find something that will surprise your friends or family. If you want to keep your purchase a secret, be sure to check the “Don’t ruin my surprise” box. The products you buy will come to the location you choose, and you can even add a personal note for a full effect.

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