It is now finalized; The world’s largest plane has been destroyed!

After Russia’s attacks on the Ukrainian side, there is no longer the world’s largest aircraft, as it is now certain was done.

world’s largest airplane Ukraine’s possession Antonov An-225It was sadly destroyed along with other military elements in Gostomel Airport after the attacks of Russia. This giant aircraft, used for cargo transportation, fascinated everyone with its six jet engines and countless wheels. The destruction of the plane, known as Mriya, was initially circulating as a rumor. However, the video below, which came from inside Gostomel Airport recently, clarified the sad truth. The world’s largest aircraft, with a length of 84 meters and a wingspan of 88 meters, weighed 285,000 kg alone and was actively involved in very important missions.

During the Russian occupation of Ukraine, a large number of military vehicles such as warplanes, helicopters and tanks from both the Ukrainian army and the Russian army were destroyed. Thousands of people were also killed in the attacks.

As we always say, wars never have winners or any benefit they bring to any country. It seems very, very sad that lessons are not learned despite the bad experiences in the past.

Confirmation the AN-225 was destroyed in battles at the Gostomel airport north of Kyiv, along with a lot of military equipment

— ELINT News (@ELINTNews) March 3, 2022

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