It turns out that Life360 also sells customer location information

It turned out that Life360, the owner of Tile, which sells tracking accessories such as Apple AirTag, also sells customer locations.

It is also actively used in Turkey.Life360 – Family Location, GPS Phone Trackingof the app The name behind it is on the agenda today with bad news. The Markup As revealed by the company, the company has been selling sensitive location information recorded by its customers to other companies for a long time.

There may be those who do not know, but there has been such a large market for many years. Very valuable data such as location is sold by some companies, there are dozens of other companies that use them for many different purposes. These companies buy the data, customized ads based on where you go and what you do He is actively using it in many different subjects, especially in the field.

Life360 may lose large users after this event

Globally full Company with 33 million users, focuses directly on the family with the application we mentioned above. In other words, even children are tracked with Life360’s main application and their data has been sold to other companies. This situation, of course, looks very bad and attracts a great reaction. We will see together whether a legal step will be taken in this regard.

It is announced that the company, which will complete the process of purchasing Tile in 2022, will not sell data on Tile’s devices. While there are those who do not believe, “data selling” Let’s just point out that Life360 is not the culprit. In other words, other companies are also engaged in such transactions, especially free services, by selling data other than advertising. wins.

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