Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, Named One of the Most Influential People of the Year by TIME

CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, was elected by the magazine TEAM one of the most influential people of the year in the world. The classic list made annually brings together 100 names from various niches that made a difference in some way in society.

Jensen is representing technology influencers around the world. THE NVIDIA it has been one of the companies that have driven market trends in the industry, especially for its pioneering graphics cards. Artificial intelligence is also a topic in the company’s domain. The CEO was named ‘innovator’ alongside Elon Musk, which has also appeared in previous editions. Tim Cook is also on the ‘Titans’ list.

When writing about the leader in the magazine, the scientist Andrew NG said AI is changing the world and much of its success is achievable today thanks to Jensen. “The software that allows computers to do things that previously required human perception and judgment depends largely on the hardware made possible by Jensen Huang,” he said.

Jensen Huang founded the NVIDIA m 1993 and has been the company’s leader ever since. At first, the brand only worked with graphics for the PC, but later it began to invest in products and services that would transform the entertainment experience in the world.

In 1999, the company launched its first GPU, capable of programming shading in real time. Today, in addition to the extensive catalog already available, NVIDIA is preparing to launch the new generation of components with modern artificial intelligence, which promises to revolutionize the field in the coming years, acting as the brain of cars to computers.

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Jensen says that the complexity of computer graphics has increased 500 million times, but shows that he is committed to developing and bringing new technologies. Today the NVIDIA worth US$ 555 (equivalent to R$ 2,925.57), with 20 thousand employees, and, in 2021 alone, it has already participated in several actions, including the purchase of Arm and the accessibility of AI for all companies.

Andrew says Jensen is one of the most technically savvy CEOs in the world, which makes him special in the field. And the recognitions don’t stop. On November 18, the entrepreneur will receive the Robert N. Noyce Award of technology for their contributions to the chip industry. Tim Cook and Elon Musk, who appear on the TIME list, will also be awarded for their innovative industry contributions to the world.

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Source: TEAM

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