John Boyega, from Star Wars, takes a stand against racism in Instagram

Covid-19 has shown that it is not the only one with potential assassin in the entire world. Racism, historically devastating, has manifested itself more and more, proving that the problem is not in the past and is making new victims at every moment. Whether in the United States, Brazil or any other country, violence against black men and women does not stop for a moment.

A source of activism are the series and film artists, with wide reach on social media, who use their status to demonstrate their positions and help change the minds of people who still insist on spreading distorted and prejudiced thoughts. John Boyega, the Finn of Star Wars, made a point of publicly reinforcing the dissatisfaction he felt with everything that was happening to black people around the world, especially after the murder of a black man in the United States by a white policeman.

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More details from Star Wars actor John Boyega’s speech

in a live on Instagram, John Boyega made it clear how angry he was, cursing racists and demonstrating that there was no regret in his speech. To reiterate, the actor also used his account on Twitter saying “I really hate racists”.

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In the United States, a case that had repercussions quite recently was that of Christian Cooper, writer of some stories in the Marvel, who was accused of violence by a woman when he asked her to simply collar her dog in the park. That, by the way, is the law of the environment and the entire footage shows that she had no reason to attack Cooper.

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In addition to this, another case of racism also points to the police abuse committed against George Floyd. He was detained by officers and during the process began to say that he could no longer breathe. Despite the protests, police officer Derek Chauvin, as the recordings show, remained with his knee resting on Floyd’s neck longer than necessary, leading to his death.

Text written by Flávio Motta Coutinho via Nexperts.

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