Leading tech investors trust our smart speakers to spy on us

Smart speakers seem like the perfect device for the modern age, where we can use our voice to control all the devices like door locks, lights, televisions, and that can also help us find something, make an appointment, order food, etc. However, it is possible that with this speaker always hearing the word command, are we giving too much of ourselves?

While the companies that make these devices insist they are not spying on it, top technology investor John Borthwick seems to think otherwise. Talk to Yahoo FinanceBorthwick claims that he believes smart speakers are made by people like Google and Amazon use your speakers to monitor your customers.

If there is ever a reason to give Borthwick’s claim cause for concern, it is the latest report in which it has been revealed that the company likes Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon he actually analyzed the recordings he made when he used his speakers. Some of these companies even rely on outside contractors to do the analysis.

According to Borthwick, “I personally believe that you, as a user and as someone who likes technology, who wants to use technology, should have far more rights over the use of your data than we do at this time.” The truth remains to be seen, but perhaps that can make some users pause when they want to pick up their own smart speakers.

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