Learn to transfer files from one PC to another using wi-fi

There are many ways to transfer files from one PC to another, but surely, this is the most comfortable and quick alternative. Using your wi-fi network You can pass files between PCs without the need to make copies in pendrive, in the cloud or install programs.

With these methods we are going to teach you today in I’m techno You will save a lot of time.

There are two very simple ways to do this. One of the requirements is that both teams use Windows 10.

With one of the methods you will need to have both computers connected to the same wireless network and with the other it will not be necessary.

You are ready? Pay close attention and take note of the steps you will have to follow.

Sharing files between devices

This is a very convenient and practical way to share files between devices. You will be able to do it using the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network.

The first thing you should do is activate this option in Windows 10 from the configuration panel on all computers in which you want to share the files.

To do this you must follow these steps:

  1. On the PC from which you are going to share, on the right side of the taskbar, select the activities Center Learn to transfer files from one PC to another using wi-fi 4 > Shared sharing nearby and make sure it’s activated sliding the button that appears in gray in all the PCs with which you are going to share.
  2. From your PC, open the File Browser Learn to transfer files from one PC to another using wi-fi 5 Y search the document that you want to share
  3. At File Browser, select the tab Share, choose option Share Learn to transfer files from one PC to another using wi-fi 6 again and then the Device Name With which you are going to share.
  4. On the device with which you are going to share, the user must select Save and open or save when the notification appears.
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Once these steps have been completed, the computer will be ready to send or receive files via WiFi.

Pass files with wifi or bluetooth

How to send the files

Shipping is very easy. You just have to right click about the name of archive what do you want to send; when the options open you must click on Cspread. A new window will open where you will see all the detected devices compatible with the function of sharing between devices.

Pass files from PC to PC

The next step is to do click on the device you want to send the file to and wait for the user to accept the reception. Once the user of the other team approves receiving the file, the transfer will begin automatically.

Pass files through shared folders

This is also a very comfortable option, especially if it is used in local networks where the same computers are always connected. (Offices, schools, universities, etc.)

Each computer is required to have at least a shared folder in order to use this method of file sharing.

These are the steps to follow to use the shared folders method:

To share one or more folders you must give right click on the folder you want to share.

When the menu appears you must select the option Pproperties.

You will see that a window opens, inside it you must choose the tab that says Share this folder and assign a share name.

Pass files

Then you must click on Permissions and thus add the users you want to give access to.

You can grant the permissions you want to each one. Then you must click on To accept to close the permissions window and To accept again to share the folder.

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Pass files

When you have completed all these steps, the folder will be visible and accessible from any of the computers on the network.

A detail to take into account: if you select the option everyone in the permission section, Any PC that connects to the network can access the files in the shared folder. Therefore, if they are usually connected guests to your network, they could have access to shared folders and its content

You can also check Microsoft support for more information.

Undoubtedly these ways of passing files are very useful and practical.

Which of them will you use first?

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