Legal battle against US blacklist move by Xiaomi

Having become one of the giants of the smartphone and technology market in general, Xiaomiwith an unexpected news last month had happened.

Trump management before he left, he told Xiaomi that he had ties to the Chinese army.alleged” was added to the black list prepared for companies. In total, nine different China-based companies have been added to this list since 1999, the largest of which Xiaomi it is reported. As we mentioned before, here Huawei We do not have a similar situation with this, because it is stated that this black list is different from the list to which Huawei was added. In other words, it is clearly stated that Xiaomi can continue to do business with US companies as normal. Due to this situation, Xiaomi is not likely to lose its Android license. The step taken prevents US investors from investing in Xiaomi, US investors who buy shares from Xiaomi must sell these shares by November 21, 2021.

This, of course, did not please Xiaomi. In order to eliminate this situation, which the company does not accept, begins legal battle. According to Xiaomi, the US Department of Defense and Treasury to get off the blacklist suing. Xiaomi’s decision states that it is unconstitutional and he is looking for his right by choosing the best way to fight. Time will tell how this will turn out. You know, the Trump administration, which made the decision, is no more. The process is now under Biden’s new administration.

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Xiaomi Turkey had an official statement on the subject.

“Our company carries out its activities in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the regions in which it is active and offers products and services for personal and commercial use. Our company is not owned by the Chinese military, has no affiliation with the Chinese military, and is not a “Chinese Communist Military Company” as specified in the NDAA (US National Defense Authorization Act).

All necessary measures will be taken by us to protect the interests of our company and our shareholders. Our company continues its detailed investigations in order to evaluate the effects of the possible results of this process on the group. Additional clarifications will be made in the coming days, if necessary.

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