LG’s logical use for its transparent OLED display

South Korean tech giant LGtransparent OLED continues to show interesting uses for screens.

LGor to be more specific LG Display, has been working on transparent screens for many years. The company has not yet offered a solution for the end user in this regard. Actually, the company is right about that. Because the “transparent television” infrastructure does not seem very suitable for use in homes. This technology is mainly appeals to the commercial area. LG’s last show is exactly like this. In one of the physical demo that the company set up for CES 2021, a transparent OLED screen positioned in a restaurant welcomes us. Here’s the logic. The company placed the 55-inch transparent screen directly on the sushi bar. In this way, people can both look at different content on the big screen in front of them and watch the sushi chef behind the screen while working. can see.

In another scenario, the company puts the screen directly at the end of the bed. In this way, people in bed can watch TV without closing the back door, for example. This seems to be the best-case scenario for domestic use. The company also uses its transparent OLEDs in train windows. This provides information on many subjects without completely obscuring the view.

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While LG is the most ambitious name in transparent OLED, Xiaomi Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition launched the market for TVs.

you remember Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and Redmi K30 Ultra launched with Xiaomi Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition, It was one of the most popular products of the company in the recent period. In the name of this model “Transparent Edition” phrase, television from carrying a truly transparent 55-inch OLED panel is coming. It is said to be the first model in the world to be put into mass production. Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition, full 7 thousand dollars located at the level.

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