Life is Strange and Before the Storm will be remastered

During the Square Enix Presents event, developer Deck Nine announced the game Life is Strange: True Colors, a completely new story to continue the great success that the franchise has had in recent years. But that wasn’t the only news, as the studio also unveiled the remastered collection of Life is Strange it’s from Life is Strange: Before the Storm, the game that counts the events that took place before the first game.

Despite not having a specific date for its release, this collection should be available before the end of this year. Best of all, if you decide to buy the Ultimate version of Life is Strange: True Colors, you will have full access to the remastered titles.

Of course both the True Colors such as the remastered collection can be purchased separately for fans who prefer. In any case, it’s a great chance to experience the games that tell the story of Max, Chloe and Rachel, either for the first time or to remember the memorable moments these titles provide.

For those who are excited for the new game, it’s worth mentioning that it’s scheduled for release on September 10th this year! Comment below on what you thought of Square Enix’s revelations at their special event today!

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