Light strip controllable with smartphones: TP-Link Tapo L900

TP-Link adds a new one to its smart home products. The product, called TP-Link Tapo L900, is a smart light strip.

Comes with Wi-Fi support smart light strip It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The device, which also offers voice control support, works by connecting directly to Wi-Fi without the need for any other device. The light strip is cut according to the size they want, allowing users to use it wherever they want. The light strip, which can be attached with a strong pull-and-stick tape, is multi-colored and the LED bulbs on it are 20 percent brighter than their counterparts. Produced for more than five and a half years (50 thousand hours), the bulbs offer a maximum luminous intensity of 2100.

With the smart light strip, each room of the house can be illuminated in a different color, or different colors can be selected for different ambiances and saved. Offering 16 million vivid colors, Tapo L900 also has options such as warm white and cold daylight. It is possible to program the product, which is programmable and has timer features, to light in a certain mode at certain times.

Has the Turkish price of TP-Link Tapo L900 been announced?

The device, which is compatible with different smart home platforms such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Home, allows voice control. The lights are designed as low voltage, which does not flicker and do not emit blue light. The price of the light strip, which is announced to be available for sale in Turkey soon, has not been announced yet.

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