like Samsung; Dual processor launch for OPPO Find X5 Pro

Consisting of three different members OPPO Find X5 family is coming soon. At the top of these models OPPO Find X5 Pro is located.

China-based tech giants OPPOwith the official post he made yesterday Find X5 Lite, Find X5 and Find X5 Pro of models February 24 announced that it will be introduced on to the details here and here A surprise detail came to the fore today for the members of OPPO’s new Find X5 series. Top option based on official poster posts OPPO Find X5 Pro There will be an unexpected “dual processor” output for

Accordingly, Find X5 Pro is both MediaTek signed. Dimensity 9000 as well as Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 based on processors. The company will sell Find X5 Pro with Dimensity 9000 processor under the name of “Dimensity Edition”, it is not yet clear which model will be sold in which market. not. There is no phone with a Dimensity 9000 processor on the market yet, so the Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition arouses curiosity.

You know, another big name that does this at the flagship level is Samsung. The company has been selling Galaxy S series flagship phones with different processors in different markets for a long time. Samsung, which generally brings Exynos processors to Turkey, has made a surprise with the Galaxy S22 series this year and it has been delivered to Turkey. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 brought versions.

from BBK companies OPPO Since it is officially in Turkey, its products always have the possibility to be sold in Turkey. OPPO Find X5 Turkish sales expectations for the family are low, but new smart watches, tablets and wireless headphones will come to Turkey.

New products coming by Apple in the coming period

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