Line Galaxy The dominates ranking of the 10 smartphones Top Zoom Issues in August

Line Galaxy The plate five smartphones on August’s most popular Zoom list, but Xiaomi retains lead with Redmi Note 7th

A survey by the zoom, website and price and product comparator app, revealed the smartphones most sought after on their platforms in August. Maintaining sovereignty in the intermediate market, Samsung got five smartphones in the list with the line Galaxy A 2019, which shows a greater demand for more affordable models. Despite dominating the ranking, the first place continued with the Redmi Note 7th, gives Xiaomi, which brings one of the best value for money on the market today.

THE Galaxy A50 and A70 have powerful hardware and huge screensTHE Galaxy A50 and A70 have powerful hardware and huge screens

Already Motorola, which in the first months of the year also featured several models of the line Moto G7, remains in the ranking of smartphones most sought after in zoom like Motorola One Vision it’s the Moto G7 Play, which, until the close of the survey, were, respectively, the most advanced and basic mobile phone launched by the company.

It is worth mentioning that no smartphone in the ranking of most sought after in August has value over $ 2,000.00, being the top three placed with prices averaging $ 1,000.00. This result only shows that the smartphones Intermediaries already have powerful settings and features that are interesting to the vast majority of the public.

Check out the 10 below smartphones that stood out in the list of the most sought after platforms of the zoom In August (08/01 to 08/31). The links provided in this table refer to the prices updated on the date of publication of this article:

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The 10 smartphones Top Zoom Issues in August

Ranking Smartphone Best price updated
1st place Xiaomi Redmi Note 7th R $ 994.00
2nd place Samsung Galaxy A10 R $ 559.00
3rd place Samsung Galaxy A30 R $ 879.20
4th place Samsung Galaxy A20 R $ 710.22
5th place Samsung Galaxy A50 R $ 1,349.10
6th place Samsung Galaxy A70 R $ 1,599.22
7th place Motorola Moto G7 Play R $ 621.33
8th place Xiaomi Redmi 7 R $ 779.00
9th place Motorola One Vision R $ 1,529.10
10th place Samsung Galaxy M30 $ 999

Galaxy The success inherits from the line Galaxy J

After the Samsung decided to unify the lines Galaxy THE and Galaxy J, the smartphones intermediate and inbound are now called only Galaxy THE (followed by the category number you represent). Second to fifth place, the models that stand out resemble the extinct Galaxy J5 and J7, with more modest configurations and more affordable prices.

THE Galaxy A10 it’s the Galaxy A20, the best placed in the Samsungfeature an infinity-U drop-notch screen of 6.2 ”and 6.4” respectively and HD + resolution. They are the most basic of the line, so they come with the same eight-core processor running up to 1.6GHz, but the A20 brings 3GB of RAM instead of 2GB of A10, and the same 32GB of internal storage. The battery also changes, but remains above average for the category: 3,400mAh in the Galaxy A10 and 4,000mAh in Galaxy A20.

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THE Galaxy A10, A20 and A30 are the models that come closest to the line Galaxy JTHE Galaxy A10, A20 and A30 are the models that come closest to the line Galaxy J

Already the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70, more powerful intermediates, have 6.4 ”and 6.7” displays, respectively, with Full HD + resolution and Super AMOLED technology. They are the best spec models in the list, with 4GB or 6GB RAM options, 126GB internal storage and up to 2.3GHz octa-core processor. These are settings that cater to most users who enjoy playing games, accessing social networks, taking good quality triple-camera photos, and arriving late in the day with loads left over.

Xiaomi brings to Brazil better value for money

THE Xiaomi returned to Brazil in 2018 and, it seems, is now to stay. The brand is bringing smartphones with interesting settings and affordable prices, the Redmi Note 7th It is the best example. It features 6.3 inch infinite screen with Full HD + resolution and IPS LCD technology, which makes it interesting to view content at unfavorable angles. The Snapdragon 660 processor is no longer so current, but for less than $ 1,000 is one of the best available on the market.

We have already reviewed Redmi Note 7 and it features interesting settings for the priceWe have already reviewed Redmi Note 7 and it features interesting settings for the price

In addition there is 4GB of RAM and options with 32GB and 64GB of internal storage. In the cameras, Xiaomi included two rear sensors, the main one being 48MP, the largest in the price range, and the secondary 5MP for notions of depth.

Redmi 7, in turn, is the least powerful version of Redmi Note 7. It has the same infinite screen design as its brother, but has only HD + resolution. The processor is a Snapdragon 632, coupled with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Although more basic, the Redmi 7 features dual 12MP + 2MP camera with up to 1080p (Full HD) recording.

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Querying prices in Zoom

Zoom is one of the largest Brazilian retail search and price comparison sites.Zoom is one of the largest Brazilian retail search and price comparison sites.

THE zoom is a search and price comparison platform, one of the most famous in Brazil, that helps consumers always find the best option for the desired product.

For this, the zoom compare and list various product values ​​from different Brazilian retail sites, either through your site or through the Android mobile app or iOS devices.

Lists and surveys of site searches zoom, it is worth noting, they serve to inform the reader and consumer which products are most sought after on their platform, and are not intended to rank for the best or worst.

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