Listed possible focal points for the anticipated Apple AR/VR headset

Apple AR/VR headset model is on the agenda once again. Focus points are listed for the product, which is stated to be very strong. Here is the latest information,

AR, which has been on the agenda for a long time, is Apple. augmented reality title It was recently brought up with the statement of Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to Kuo, the curious product is at the end of 2022 (within the fourth quarter) future and Mac level (Far ahead of its competitors in the M1 processor) will perform. It is even reported that the model will have more than one processor.

It is said that one processor in the product handles high-performance tasks and the other processes low-performance tasks (Specifically processing sensor data) will do. Thus, high performance and high battery life can be offered together.

Thanks to these processors, it stands out among the information that the model can work independently from an iPhone, iPad or a Mac computer. Ming Chi Kuo He also states that the product will offer a high-level VR, virtual reality experience, as well as AR. As it says in the title 4K Micro OLED screens are included and they come directly from Sony.

Here’s about this product from solid sources close to Apple today Mark Gurman spoke. According to Gurman, the model is specifically gaming, media consumption and contact will focus. Here, it is stated that the game side will come to the fore the most.

Because the model has very powerful processor or processors, this processor or processors are cooled by a fan and there is a special application market in the header itself (Headline-specific App Store for Apple, as is the Watch) exists.

Oculus Quest 2 / Meta Quest 2 VR headset raises

It also has an eye-catching display. In this respect, it is also thought that high-quality VR-based content specific to this screen will be produced and shared. Apple’s connection to the media world is very strong and there is a high probability that incredible content is already planned.

In addition, it is claimed that Apple will also use the title to make a future demonstration in communication and video call specific to the metaverse. With the new generation FaceTime, Apple can start a new era in its own ecosystem on the remote call side.

Likely to be called Apple Glass, it could be a final upcoming show for Tim Cook

As we always say, Apple attaches great importance to this title with the influence of current CEO Tim Cook. It is among the information that has been on the agenda for a long time that Tim Cook does not want to retire without removing this product.

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