Mac Pro 2022, leaked configurations: processor up to 64 cores and GPU up to 128 cores

Mac Pro © Apple

This new range of Mac Pro should be the last machine to make the transition from processors Intel to Apple Silicon SoCs.

It should not be presented until 2022, but rumors are multiplying around the next version of Apple’s computer for professionals.

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According to the LeaksApplePro Twitter account, the manufacturer would offer three basic configurations for the next Mac Pro. The first model would start at a price of $5,499. For this price, the computer would ship a 32-core Apple Silicon processor, including 24 high-performance cores, 32 GPU cores and 64 GB of RAM.

The second configuration would integrate a 48-core CPU (including 36 high performance), 64 GPU cores and 256 GB of RAM. All for a base price of $11,999.

Finally, the most high-end configuration would offer nothing less than a 64-core Apple Silicon processor (48 high-performance cores), 128 GPU cores and 512 GB of RAM, all for the whopping $18,999. Obviously, these prices can still climb, Apple always offering options such as additional storage charged at full price.

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The Mac Pro would complete the transition from Apple to its in-house processors

The Mac Pro would therefore be the last machine to adopt the new family of processors developed by the brand and taking advantage of the ARM architecture. Currently, only computers for the general public or semi-professional users like the MacBook Air or the 13-inch MacBook Pro integrate the M1 processor.

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Apple would thus like to allow time to offer new, much more powerful processors that meet the needs of Mac Pro users, such as video editors or 3D computer graphics artists. This additional year will also be necessary to allow publishers to adapt their software to Apple Silicon processors with the key to better performance.

The Mac Pro could also come with a new design. The manufacturer could indeed drastically reduce the dimensions of its tower with a design reminiscent of the venerable Power Mac G4 Cube, but in a case entirely made of aluminum.

Before the presentation of these Mac Pros, we now expect a refresh of the iMac range and the 16-inch MacBook Pro whose switch to Apple Silicon SoCs is planned for this year.

Source : Wccftech

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