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TVSofa You have returned to the App Store. Applications for iPhone and iPad that you can use manage your series and moviesFind out what platforms are available and what episodes are released every day and what titles you should watch. Perfect for not missing anything on the Internet VOD platform at this time

But you may remember the name TVSofa for the iPhone app that launched in late 2013 and became very popular in 2014 by making it easy to access streaming links. At that moment he got to have it more than 80,000 users and an average of 10,000 active users per day. At that time they had not arrived Netflix is ​​not HBO or Prime Video. Nobody imagined that in the future there would be such a platform Disney + or Apple TV + and to see which series has only two options: watch it on the US platform. USA through VPN or download it.

In late 2014, TVSofa died due to success. The popular party government is modifying Intellectual property law And, when it goes into effect in 2015, sharing a direct link to online content will be considered a crime. Another consequence of this Law is that Google closes the News section in Spain, something that has been solved from time to time.

Soft shock, in charge of TVSofa, decided to withdraw the applications from the App Store “from all countries” to avoid legal problems. In 2015 he released the second version called TVSofa 2, “Very similar to its predecessor, but without a direct link to download”, in the words of the author Javier Aznar. This app is also available for two years. reap success, with sequential updates and two appearances on the main page of the App Store.

Desired return

And at the beginning of 2020, Javier Aznar decided to withdraw it TVSofa and publish a third updated version that makes it easier to search for content on platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Movistar + use the information provided by Trakt And it will also help us set the agenda and watch series and movies as soon as they are released.

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New version of TVSofa It is available for iPhone and iPad. You can download it for free and use it as a search engine at Netflix, Main Video, Movistar +, Sky, Filmin Y Filmin Premium, HBO, Rakuten TV, Atresmedia, iTunes Y Apple TV +, Google Play, Microsoft Store, MUBI, YouTube Premium, TV Fubo, Crunchyroll Y Vodafone online. The search can be done on all these services or simply choose those to which you have subscribed or used daily.

Along with the search engine, the home screen TVSofa show series and movies separately and show newly released titles will be broadcast and most popular on Trakt.

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And if you have an account Trakt, You can use TVSofa to configure smart display list and calendar not to miss any title and see the chapters of your favorite series immediately after being published on your reference platform. You will even have a chance to do it rate the title that you like the most or that disappoints you.

In summary TVSofa updated to change in consumption We have lived since the loss of the first version. Right now, the problem is not that there isn’t a place to legally watch your series, but that there are so many platforms that you need. centralized search engine To save time and feel comfortable.

And although this new TVSofa begins with a link to the download page, according to Javier Aznar, who is in charge of the application, “the idea of ​​entering a link to the Megadede-style site is the legacy of TVSofa 2 and TVSofa 1. Then to analyze the first metric, we look at it This type of link is no longer visited from the application., so we decided to remove it and only keep official suppliers.

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TVSofa You can download it free for iPhone or iPad, although some functions are disabled. If you want to directly access a linked platform, add a title to your calendar or receive launch notifications, among other functions, you must obtain Premium version. The price you must pay to stay updated with your favorite series thanks to the application that will pay sooner rather than later.

Looking to the future, Javier Aznar, boss Soft shock, tells us that before the end of the year we will have TVSofa for Android. And in future versions we will find new features like special theme so your app is used to play iconic series like “Game of Thrones or Stranger Things”.

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