Marvel Avengers features new trailers and game modes

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix started to step up the promotion of their new game Marvel’s Avengers and, today, they released a great presentation with almost half an hour of news about the title, including story trailers and more information about its gameplay. Check out the unpublished material by the player below:

The plot will have the old acquaintance of MODOK comic book fans as a great villain, as he heads the organization Ideias Mecânicas Avanças. The IMA has taken advantage of the power vacuum left by the Avengers’ retirement to push its plan for world domination, but young Kamala Khan is suspicious of them and goes on a journey to reunite the heroes.

Cooperative and single player modes

The phases will be structured in different types of levels. We have the “Hero Missions”, where you control just a predetermined character on a linear level to progress the story. The fun here is discovering how each hero’s unique powers work against hordes of enemies.

The other big highlight are the “Warzones”, missions that can be played solo alongside allies controlled by artificial intelligence or with up to four simultaneous players. When visiting the WarTable in the main hub you choose which mission to play and which characters you’ll go into action with.

Progressing through the levels helps unlock new skins and powers in the skill tree. The skins are a show in themselves, as they involve clothes and uniforms taken from all eras of the rich history of the Marvel in comics.

Marvel’s Avengers will be released on September 4th for PC, Stadia, Xbox One and Playstation 4, with versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X later in 2020.

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