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And we say “finally” because Google has been playing around with the design of our Android phone and app store all summer. Something that many of these mobile users can verify by passing Google Play Store to try updating some applications or downloading new games. An aspect that varies between a large card and a very minimalist design for weeks. Now Google has officially announced its arrival, and we hope that all users start watching without further changes any time soon.

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We talk about design Material design. The concept of style that Google has been developing for years, always supports the purest and simplest minimalism. That is, remove all excess so that the content is displayed as a white background. Without lines Without buttons Without many colors. Something users like or dislike but are looking for the best user experience and the most attractive and clean appearance. The concept is updated every year, with some changes to different applications and services to keep the Android environment alive. And finally whatever Google Play Store.

Users who are more concerned with the appearance of their Android phones may notice how Google has changed try this material design Google Play Store Finally. That is, they have activated and deactivated it (returned to the previous design) up to twice. Something that causes more confusion than surprises and more experience. Now his developer blog confirms the official arrival. So we hope that there is no step back in this decision.

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And what we find in this new version of Material Design Google Play Store? OK to dominant white. Forget about the colors that help you separate apps from games, movies, and books. Now everything is white, with more rounded corner icons than before. Of course, the search engine box stays at the top, especially to quickly find what we’re looking for. However, part of Google Play Store They are passed as the navigation bar. But without color, marked with icons and labels. Minimalist climate, even without lines or fillets separating app collections.

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