Maybe I'll lose a few kilos. RingFit Adventures is a thoughtful fitness gadget for the console Nintendo Switch

Do you remember the days of the Wii console where a man could really sweat? The Big N refers to that period, creating a dedicated fitness accessory for the device Nintendo Switch. RingFit Adventure is to satisfy everyone: both athletes looking for a good warm-up and people who have only seen physical exercises on a TV screen.

Contrary to what one might think by looking at the profile picture, I am a fan of motion games. My favorite is currently Beat Saber – a production for PSVR, in which we swing the Chopsticks. Unfortunately, each time connecting and disconnecting VR goggles, as well as charging clubs based on the archaic miniUSB standard, is troublesome. It was different in Wii times, when I waved my arms in front of the TV in the living room day by day. Now Nintendo refers to those times.

RingFit Adventures will make you sweat. Or it will be an introduction to physical activity.

The RingFit set consists of a game box, legband and a completely new accessory: RingCon. The gadget is a hoop with built-in sensors that is suitable for squeezing and pushing inwards. With the help of RingCon, we will measure the pulse and perform all exercises for the middle and upper parts of the body. To make it not too monotonous, these exercises will be given to us as activities in an adventure video game.

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Playing RingFit Adventures, even basic activities such as hero movement require a slight movement from us. I liked the idea of ​​fighting – these are organized like in turn-based jRPG. It’s just that by choosing the right attack, we really choose one of the exercises that we need to complete later. The better we do, the more damage we will deal. A level system and hero development have been imposed on all of this.

You can immediately see that RingFit Adventures for the console Nintendo Switch is made with the head.

Parents and people living in small apartments will appreciate the presence of quiet mode. Choosing it, the game limits or eliminates those exercises that generate a lot of noise. I mean, for example, jogging in place or jumping in place. We don’t have to be afraid that our late evening fitness session will be for the neighbor downstairs like the noise of a herd of elephants jumping out of the Jumanji box.

Nintendo also thought about the elderly, without fitness, sick, obese or those who avoid effort. RingFit Adventures allows you to level the challenge level and difficulty of the game. If someone is extremely presumed and wants to build a step-by-step form, the game will enable him as much as possible. For this we will always have the current pulse on hand. The system can warn us when we overdo and overestimate our own capabilities.

Personally, I am bought.

I will definitely get RingFit Adventures. I feel in my bones that production will be a great opportunity to taste a bit of movement during autumn and winter evenings. Especially since the game consists not only of single-player campaigns, but also mini-games and ready-made sets of exercises prepared for specific muscle parts. Who knows, maybe the title will work even as an assistant during the daily warm-up.

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The premiere of RingFit Adventures is scheduled for October 18, 2019. The Polish price of the set is still unknown.

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