Meizu 17, Turkey’s expectation, and its new features

Officially available in Turkey, Meizu’s new smartphone Meizu 17, gained new technical details. It’s not long before the official announcement for the phone.

Officially 8 May new flagship to be introduced on Meizu 17comes up frequently. When we blend new information with old ones, the phone technically gains its strength. Snapdragon 865 from the processor and at least 8GB RAMtakes from. with Qualcomm X55 modem 5G and at the same time Wi-Fi 6 The flagship, which also has the support of 90Hz with a refresh rate OLED installed on the panel. As it became clear recently 30W fast charge supported 4.500mAh The device, which carries a battery with a capacity ofPro” version will also be available. that has not been brought up before Meizu 17 Prothe difference “wireless charging” system mCharge Looks like it’s going with. Whether the Pro model has any other hardware difference is yet to be determined. Unknown.

Meizu 17 looks stylish overall

When we look again, we see that it has thin frames, although not as much as its competitors. flagship The phone carries the front camera in a screen hole positioned on the right side, not on the top bezel. fingerprint sensor model that integrates into the screenIt carries a quad camera system on the back, which is positioned horizontally rather than vertically. In the center of this camera module is a ring. ring flash is located.

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