Mercedes-Benz unveils its G-Wagen: a luxury electric off-road concept

Mercedes EQG © © Mercedes

The IAA Mobility show is an opportunity for many manufacturers to present their latest innovations and models designed for the world of tomorrow. The market for electric vehicles being in full growth for all types of audiences, Mercedes-Benz unveils a new (very) high-end model.

The EQG, an electric car concept whose appearance is not without being part of the firm’s G-class tradition, is thus displayed in Munich (Germany). If we still lack information about it, this vehicle is also designed to be off-road.

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The IAA Mobility show, which is held every two years alternately with the Paris auto show, is abandoning its traditional stronghold of Frankfurt to take place this year in Bavaria, in Munich. Land of many car manufacturers, this territory is just as quick to allow other German firms to express themselves and present new models, like Mercedes-Benz. The company from Stuttgart is also one of the car manufacturers betting on electric and this, for all price ranges.

Mercedes-Benz intends to present in Munich an electric car concept in line with its G class, called EQG. While it was open to the press that very day, the show should make it possible, until September 12, to publicize various models including this new 100% electric 4×4.

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A design faithful to that of the G-Class

We still lack information about this all-terrain vehicle, whether it is the power of its engine or the battery life. Nevertheless, what we are (already) sure of is that it will not be accessible at a low price. The G-Wagen EQG is a very high-end vehicle, designed for luxury (and still off-road…). Its design, as square as it is futuristic, presents a dress mixing a dark combination of metallic gray and black shades, in line with the dress of the EQS Sedan. And, according to The Vergeexpect to find a fairly similar standing between the two models.

Remember that prices for the EQS start at 127,250 euros. Going back to the EQG, this 4×4 will be equipped with all-wheel drive, and it will have a lower gear and an upper gear. In addition, these wheels will be 22 inches in diameter. But for more details, you will have to opt for a stay in Bavaria and walk the aisles of the IAA Mobility show, vintage 2021.

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Source : The Verge

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