Mesh system with Wi-Fi 6E support: TP-Link Deco XE200

TP-Linkongoing in Las Vegas CES FairIntroduced the new mesh system in . TP-Link Deco XE200 The message system, which is called as a tri-band, comes with support.

Wi-Fi 6E The device, which also supports technology, can support both wide coverage and more devices (more than 200). There are 16 high-gain antennas inside the Deco XE200 units. In addition, simultaneous high transmission is ensured thanks to multiple Gigabit ports. The device has one 10 Gbps and two Gigabit ports.

Combining Wi-Fi 6E technology with Mesh technology, Deco XE200 features AI-Driven Mesh technology. In this way, the devices can develop a special Mesh system suitable for the needs and environment of the users. TP-Link is working on Deco smart antenna technology. Thanks to this technology, which includes more and smarter antennas, a Mesh network is obtained that prevents interference, increases speed and expands Wi-Fi coverage.

TP-Link Archer AXE200 Omni also makes a difference with its antenna design

TP-Link also unveiled the Archer AXE200 Omni. Archer AXE200 Omni, which has mechanically rotating antennas, has Wi-Fi 6E mesh feature. The product, which is a tri-band WiFi 6E router, has 11 Gbps Wi-Fi speeds and operates in the 6 GHz band.

With one 10G and one 2.5 G WAN/LAN ports on the router, it can reach very high speeds in wired connections. Rotating antennas on the router provide convenience to users. Users can turn the antennas on the device in any direction they want through the application.

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