Meta develops new smart glasses with Ray-Ban

Meta, which is the umbrella company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Ray-Ban with a new smart glasses is developing.

Meta wants to increase its solutions on the wearable product side. In this context, the firm Ray-Ban with a new smart glasses Turns out he was working on it. The duo, who have met before on this subject, is not yet clear what kind of plans they have for the new model. The duo, which is expected to cover the deficiencies of the first model with a new product, can focus on the AR side with this new device, unlike the first version. In other words, the new product can carry a screen and place virtual objects / visuals in real life with it.

Meta and the glasses giant Ray-Ban developed by Stories The first smart glasses model named WhatsApp came up with my name. After Messenger for a while on the product to attract a lot of attention in the market WhatsApp experience is also available. Connected directly to people’s phones Stories glasses (Details hereIt is reported that he can make voice calls, send voice messages and listen to incoming messages over the .

Hands free thanks to this infrastructure WhatsApp The company, which started to offer the experience, attaches great importance to VR / AR headsets in Metaverse and continues to put its existing services at the center of wearable products for the future.

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