MetaMask warns its users against several phishing attempts


The portfolio of cryptocurrency MetaMask warns its users about a new scam.

Users have been subjected to phishing attempts aimed at stealing their private access.

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MetaMask launches the alert

In a tweet posted on Monday, MetaMask warned its users that a bot is trying to direct them to an alleged “instant support” portal where they are asked to enter information into a Google Docs form.

The form asks for the recovery phrase or mnemonic to take control of the cryptocurrency holder’s wallet. MetaMask said it doesn’t have a Google Docs-based support system and urged its users to seek help from the app’s “Get Help” option to avoid being scammed.

The platform also encourages users to report scams impersonating the wallet and its services, stating that customers can do so directly within the app.

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Phishing attempts on the rise

Due to its popularity, MetaMask is one of the main targets for hackers and scammers. The wallet is used by 5 million monthly active users.

Phishing attacks are a social engineering technique used by scammers to trick users into revealing personal information. Newbies aren’t the only ones falling victim to phishing scams. In late 2020, a hacker tricked Nexus Mutual (NXM) founder Hugh Karp into stealing 370,000 NXMs worth $8 million.

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Ledger users have also been inundated with phishing attempts. Indeed, the personal data of 273,000 customers and 1 million prospects of the platform have been made public on a discussion forum.

As a reminder, never give anyone your private keys or the mnemonic of your wallet.

Source : Decrypt

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